Please share your opinion with us!

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5 Responses to Please share your opinion with us!

  1. Debbie S. O'Rear says:

    If you had an interactive place where you could put the pops into different items to see how they would look.

  2. Maria McMurray says:

    I love the idea of an interactive spot to check out a pop with your pendant etc, but would also like to be able to see more pops per page instead of always hitting “next”

  3. Debbie MacIntosh says:

    I would love to be able to click on the pieces I own and add various pops to see how they would look. As several pieces of my jewellry are retired,and I still wear and continuously add to my “”stash”, I would like to see retired pieces still on the interactive site so that I can add pops to the retired pieces, Also,i’m a little bit of a control freak and I’ve kept my catalogues since I’ve been collecting but I’d like to see an archive of all catalogues that is regularly updated as new ones become available.Also,in the same vein,is it possible to add a diary of when pieces have been retired or due to be retired? This gives me an idea of when pieces were introduced,retired,etc.

  4. Debbie MacIntosh says:

    Also,with regards to show us your Kameleon,i found it a little hard to find updated photos.I’m no techie so It might be me but I had several tries before I found my pics.Also,a little thing but the list of winners in the games area is sometimes a little slow in getting up.i realise the winner is notified by email but I like reading the comments of winners,and the choices made. Also,it would be great if the pops could be listed by name and number,as I find the numbers hard to read..The previous point in this entry are minor but I would REALLY love an interactive site where we,the public,could try our hand at jewellry and pop design.For example,I would love to see the seasons depicted in enameled coloured pops;ie an autumn leaf,etc. i realise we’re not jewellry designers but I think it would be interesting and stimulating for the 2 cents worth!

  5. Debbie MacIntosh says:

    Ithink it would be fun to have 1 comprehensive with games,new offerings,etcAlso,please makeure the new Gem pops need more interactive pieces so we can still incorporate our pops with the other pieces

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